Sometimes I think that I work too much, but then I remember that you're not working if you're doing what you love, and then I work some more.

From: Damian McGivney (aka Zenuel), contracted writer for Starbound

David's work ethic is positively manic; he gets so excited about projects and I've never seen anyone so painfully dedicated. Aside from the spot-on work I've seen him produce, he is incredibly helpful in carefully explaining every last detail, making absolutely certain that you don't misunderstand or feel overwhelmed by any given aspect. David also makes requesting changes to any of the work done incredibly painless; discussing with you to best understand exactly what you're aiming for, and goes immediately to work when he feels he has enough information, it's incredibly streamlined and makes working with him wonderful.

From: Cyprian Tayrien, professor at RIT

Cyprian's face

I was first introduced to David in my Data Structures 1 class, in which he earned a perfect score of 100%. In his final project, he innovated an object hierarchy system in his game engine, which he used to implement Duck Hunt. His game was above and beyond the requirements, and was by far the best game I saw all semester. During the semester, he spent considerable time in the Main Lab helping other students to understand the more complicated concepts.

Technically skilled and socially outgoing, David made a great candidate for a Teaching Assistant position. His comments during lecture and feedback on student code were a great asset in my Game Development 2 course. Concurrently, David was a student in my Data Structures 2 course, in which he was one of only 7 ppl with a 98% or higher course average. His final project was a unity-inspired component-driven game engine, which his teammate used to implement a simple 3D game with collisions.

David is now a TA in my Data Structures 1 course. He usually shows up for all 3 sections of the course, offering insights every day into obscure, complicated topics such as the history of the “this” keyword in C++, why you would want private constructors, how the call-stack works, etc. He makes my job easier, he teaches me new things, and I look forward to interacting with him every day; from what I have seen, he is the ideal student and a perfect employee.