Sometimes I think that I work too much, but then I remember that you're not working if you're doing what you love, and then I work some more.


Hello and welcome to my portfolio! I do hope that you enjoy browsing my projects and learning more about me. I plan on expanding the site as I further develop my projects and advance my career. Thank you for taking your time to visit my corner of the internet.

I have many projects to show you!

I have been working long and hard on many projects over the years. Included in this portfolio are several that I consider to be the best. I look forward to working further on the in-progress ones and replacing the older ones with newer more advanced projects. If you care to take a look, clicking on an image here will take you to that portfolio piece right away!

Want to get to know me?

This portfolio should cover everything you would want to know about me, but if you wish, you can contact me about anything. I will do my utmost best to reply to you as soon as possible. I am open to any and all critique, suggestions, questions, you name it! Above all else, I am open to learning something new, so please, don't be shy.